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biomic wall

BIOMIC WALL a ceramic 3d printed hydroponic wall Biomic Wall is a 3D printed prototype developed within a master course at the University of Innsbruck, department of experimental architecture, exparch.hochbau.Biomic Wall is a 3D-printed ceramic prototype that responds to the current environmental situation and its need to intertwine architecture and nature. The fragment, made, questions architecture within ...

DIGITAL CREAMICS II. hosting a green community

E2 _ hosting a green communityHosting a green community - is the umbrella term for novel 3D-printed facades. The greening of a dense urban space not only improves air quality but also regulates the urban climate and absorbs noise.The complex structure (multi-layering, material mix) of a green facade can be greatly simplified with the help ...

DIGITAL CREAMICS II. another brick in the wall

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALLThe "Another Brick in the Wall" STUDIO represents a novel and innovative approach to using ceramics in construction. By leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing technology, this project seeks to transform conventional brick into a modular and sustainable building material that can be used in a wide range of applications within ...

ceramics from a 3d printer

Two young architects changing the look of a traditional material: Jan Contala and Philipp Schwaderer and their ceraLAB Ceramics is an ancient material. The oldest art products made of ceramics are around 30,000 years old, yet it has never gone out of fashion. Two young architects have now developed a new processing method for the material ...


Bauen für die Zukunft.  " Architektur hat viele Aufgaben zu erfüllen. Sie soll zweckmäßig sein, ästhetisch, anpassungsfähig und doch eigenständig, vor allem nachhaltig, manchmal soll sie ganz still dastehen, gelegentlich darf sie polarisieren. Architektur ist der Spagat zwischen dem Ausdruck ihrer Zeit und entspannter Zeitlosigkeit, eine ewige Gratwanderung und damit ein bisschen wie das Leben selbst." ...

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explorations in digital crafts, design and architecture