DOPPIO, digitally designed ceramic espresso cup, 3D-printed and hand glazed
The DOPPIO espresso cup combines analog and digital production methods.
It is perfect for a double espresso or a single one in between. 
The cup is made of high-quality stoneware and was produced with the help of a 3D printer. On the bottom rim,
the raw clay and the fabrication logic is visible thanks to the unglazed layers.
Different glazes can give the mug individual characters and create the perfect mug for every taste.

By deliberately varying the wall thickness and rounding of the bottom, the preservation of the crema is promoted and the heat storage capacity is extended.
This makes the cup a must have for coffee lovers who like to drink espresso, doppio, lungo, macchiato, cortado, affogato or even corretto.
Cold drinks can also be enjoyed from the cup.
The cup is suited for a filling quantity of up to 70ml.
Due to the high stoneware quality, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cera.LAB mugs are the result of coffee passion and extensive experimentation with digital ceramics.
Cera.LAB is a design collective experimenting with translating traditional craft into digital craft. Our focus lies on materiality, sustainability and digital design.
We focus on ceramics, creating a seamless interaction between the natural material and the machine, while pushing the boundaries of craft and digital through sheer curiosity.

Weight: 95g
Height: approx. 55mm

Special features:
Specially designed curvature for bottom
Small feet on the bottom to prevent condensation
Variable wall thickness for perfect heat preservation

* For larger quantities the glaze color can also be made custom for you. Also imprints for limited small series are possible. Contact us!
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